Heidi Bayer'S "KORSH"

© Stefan Braunbarth



Heidi Bayer (trumpet, flugelhorn),  Sven Decker (bassclarinet, tenor sax), Kalle Moberg (accordion)

Robert Landfermann (bass), Oli Steidle (drums)


"European jazz of the highest level"

Matt Flip, Jazzfuel.com


"Richtig große Musik."  

Hans-Jürgen Schaal, Jazzthetik


 "Ein Fest der Kontraste, um Lichtjahre von jeder Komfortzone entfernt."

Reinhard Köchl, Jazzthing

Heidi Bayer's "Virtual Leak"

Heidi Bayer (trumpet, flugelhorn)

Johannes Ludwig (alto saxophone)

Phil Donkin (bass)

Karl Degenhardt (drums)





Heidi Bayer startet her band "Virtual Leak" in late sommer of 2018 and released her first album as a leader in March 2020 on Tangible Records.


© Niclas Weber


Shannon Barnett's "Wolves and Mirrors"



This new project combines songwriting with open improvisation. Featuring Shannon Barnett on trombone and voice, Heidi Bayer on trumpet, Elisabeth Coudoux on cello and Thomas Sauerborn on drums, the band had it's debut at the 2019 Klaeng Festival in Cologne and recorded their first album in 2020.




Bayer // Scobel

 A sense of depth, richness of detail and musical interaction characterizes the duo around trumpeter and flugelhorn player Heidi Bayer and pianist Sebastian Scobel. In 2018 they began to merge their ways of playing in numerous rehearsal phases and shortly afterwards won the Folkwang Jazz Prize.
Since then, they have shared several other concert experiences, which culminated in a live recording in the chamber music hall of the Deutschlandfunk in Cologne in the summer of 2020. The material recorded there, consisting exclusively of their own compositions, which are rooted in modern traditions and yet leave plenty of room for free development, will be released in 2021 as their first album.


Photo: Patrick Essex

Janning Trumann Nonett "WEm Zeit wie Ewigkeit"

New music for large ensemble, church organ and light:


Heidi Bayer - Trumpet
Charlotte Greve - Sax
Uli Kempendorff - Sax
Janning Trumann - Trombone
Tini Thomsen - Bari Sax
Sebastian Scobel - Organ
Stefan Schönegg - Double Bass
Dierk Peters - Vibraphone
Lena Czerniawska - Light/Projector



Photo: Patrick Essex

Sven Deckers "JULI" Quartett

Sven Decker (tenorsax, clar., bassclar., comp.), Heidi Bayer (trp./flgh.), Conrad Noll (doublebass), Jo Beyer (drums)