Heidi Bayer's "Virtual Leak"

Heidi Bayer (trumpet, flugelhorn) - Johannes Ludwig (alto saxophone) - Leif Berger (drums) - Calvin Lennig (double bass)

Heidi Bayer started her band “Virtual Leak” in late summer of 2018. “Virtual Leak” gives Heidi freedom to develop her ideas with an unusual cast: a quartet without harmony instrument.

Therefore, harmony in the classical sense may not exist in Virtual Leak’s music, but it is always present. Sometimes it’s dynamic, other times subtle. Stunning and contrasting passages with surprising twists are what makes Virtual Leak an exciting listening experience. With her band, Heidi evolves, rejects and merges concepts to create state-of-the-art music. She composes dynamic pieces while leaving room for her bandmates to interpret as they feel. This way, each concert is a unique experience for the band and their audience.


Sven Deckers "JULI" Quartett

Sven Decker (tenorsax, clar., bassclar., comp.), Heidi Bayer (trp./flgh.), Conrad Noll (doublebass), Jo Beyer (drums)




Johannes Lüttgen (drums)

Oliver Naumann (altosax)

Heidi Bayer (trp./flgh.)

Eduardo Sabella (doublebass)

Lukas Moriz (piano)